The Struggle for India’s Soul: Nationalism and the Fate of Democracy



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“A passionate defense of civic nationalism, it is many books rolled into one, full of erudition interspersed with anecdote. You find the raconteur and the public intellectual vying with each other for attention…but in the final analysis the book hangs together and the message is clear.” —
The Hindu

“Arguably Shashi Tharoor’s most ambitious work yet… a book that showcases the power of his erudition and perspicacity.” —
The Wire

“A passionate plea for an ideal of India, an India taken for granted by generations and now seemingly endangered by overt and covert ideas and ideologies that seek to segment it on imagined criteria of “us” and “them”.” — Mohammad Hamid Ansari, former Vice-President of India

“A must-read for the sheer brilliance of Tharoor as a writer and for the personal anecdotes and stories he has up his sleeve.” —
The Daily Guardian, India


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