Model Airplane: Thanksgiving is a time to reunite, play mus…

FREEPORT, Maine — When Model Airplane takes to the stage this weekend for its annual Funksgiving concert, the members of the band will have an extra spring in their step.

“This is the best show of the year,” frontman Lyle Divinsky said, and there’s no mistaking his enthusiasm. Divinsky goes through life with a smile, and the smile gets even broader when he talks about Funksgiving.

It helps to know the history of the band. It began with Divinsky, drummer Dan Boyden, and bassist Pete Genova, who grew up in the same neighborhood in Portland and have known each other since Divinsky was in first grade and the other two were in second grade. They started playing music together in high school.

Do they remember the first time they jammed together? 

“I know where—it would have been at my house,” Boyden said. “It was either the attic or the basement,” Divinsky chimed in. “Yeah, I had all the gear,” Boyden recalled. “Being the drummer, I had all the stuff.”

Reuniting for a show or two over Thanksgiving weekend has become a Model Airplane tradition over the last 13 years. The band has grown to 13 members—”a funkalicious soul explosion”—who can’t wait for November to roll around so they can get together and play music.

“It’s family,” Divinsky said, his smile growing bigger. “Everybody comes home and it just becomes a celebration. Rehearsals are just a great way to hang out with your friends. And the shows are just my favorite party of the year.”

You have two chances to join the Funksgiving party. Model Airplane will play Friday evening at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth and, in the hometown show, on Saturday at Aura in Portland.

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