CavGenX Introduces Heat Pump Turbine for Hydraulic Systems …

Cavgenx Heat Pump Turbine for hydraulic power and cooling

Cavgenx Heat Pump Turbine

Turboshaft Heat Pump which delivers hydraulic power and cooling functions

Turboshaft Heat Pump which delivers hydraulic power and cooling functions

Cavgenx 3D Printed Compressor and Turbine in one Part

Cavgenx 3D Printed Compressor and Turbine in one Part

CavGenX Introduces a Heat Pump Turbine for Hydraulic Power Generation which may Triple Vehicle Range and Provide Thermal Cooling

MADISON, WISCONSIN, USA, November 21, 2023 / — Cavgenx, a division of Infinity Turbine LLC, is proud to announce the launch of its new Heat Pump Turbine, set to alternatives hydraulic power generation. This innovative technology offers fresh alternatives for powering vehicles and industrial machines, marking a substantial leap forward in enhancing energy efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability.

Transformative Efficiency with Unprecedented COP

The Cavgenx Heat Pump Turbine boasts a remarkable Coefficient of Performance (COP) exceeding 3, meaning it can produce more than three times the energy thermal output per unit of energy input. The COP efficiency is the ratio of useful heat energy produced to electrical energy consumption.

Leveraging Thermal Energy for Hydraulic Power

What sets the Cavgenx system apart is its innovative use of thermal energy to power hydraulic systems. This approach not only maximizes energy efficiency but also aligns with eco-friendly practices by reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Broad Industrial and Automotive Applications

The potential applications of the Cavgenx Heat Pump Turbine are vast and varied:

Automotive Industry: Vehicles equipped with the Cavgenx system can achieve significantly extended range, reducing the frequency of recharging and enhancing usability.

Construction and Mining: Improved efficiency in heavy machinery, leading to reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Agriculture: Improved energy use in farming equipment, leading to reduced operational costs.

Material Handling: Sustainable operations in logistics and warehousing with more efficient forklifts and conveyors.

Marine Applications: Increased efficiency and sustainability in maritime operations, including propulsion and auxiliary functions.

Industrial Manufacturing: Transformation of manufacturing processes through the utilization of waste heat for hydraulic power.

A Step Forward for Environmental Sustainability

By harnessing waste heat and reducing reliance on electrical energy, the Cavgenx Heat Pump Turbine significantly cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and promote a greener industrial future.

CavGenX is a division of Infinity Turbine, a company with a rich history in ORC turbine design and thermal processor development since 2008, along with extensive experience in CO2-based technologies since 2004. The Modular Fluid Handling Device, an active patent (US7726331B1), enables the stacking of gas and liquid processing blocks like building blocks to create a turboshaft heat pump cycle. This innovative design allows for the easy addition or modification of stages and functions by simply unbolting a block.

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