Blake Shelton Has A Strong Opinion About Putting Up Christm…

The holiday season is upon us, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, but it seems the onslaught of Christmas comes earlier each year. Stores have had Christmas displays up for weeks, and some have even dared to start playing the festive songs that come with the season. When to start the holiday celebrations can be a touchy subject, as many prefer to wait until after the turkey’s been carved. Others, however, will take as much of the Christmas spirit as they can get. Blake Shelton falls into the latter category, and I couldn’t agree with his reasoning more.

The topic of yuletide celebrations came up when Blake Shelton reunited with Jennifer Hudson, another former coach of The Voice, on her talk show. When the American Idol alum asked the cowboy if he thought people should don their ugly Christmas sweaters and put their holiday decorations up before Thanksgiving, he had a strong response, saying on a clip from The Jennifer Hudson Show

Yes. Abso-damn-lutely. Because, listen to me, not only does it look festive and awesome and beautiful, also, if you’re gonna go through the trouble of putting all that crap up, get some time out of it.

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