“Shoot in the flesh”/ Aleks Nika’s uncle warns of ‘earthqua…

"Shoot in the flesh"/ Aleks Nika's uncle warns of

The uncle of Aleks Nika, one of the victims of January 21, Mark Nika, has stated that his family has submitted to SPAK a tape that, according to him, shows all the orders of the Guard command to open fire.

Through a link to the “Review” show, he said that Ndrea Prendi, after leaving the Council of Ministers, gave the order to shoot at the protesters.

He requested that the issue be investigated by SPAK, as according to him, it is a very sensitive issue.

“As family members, we have been waiting for this decision for a long time. The Strasbourg court gave a decision that paves the way for Albanian justice to re-investigate that case once again. For us, it has not been fully re-investigated, as there was no political will. This crime went unpunished for 13 years, the evidence was destroyed, the full investigations were not carried out and it remained in the drawers of the Prosecutor’s Office of Tirana.

We had requested in a report to the SPAK that a criminal investigation be initiated against the former prime minister and the then Minister of Internal Affairs. Berisha then stated that the murders were carried out to protect power, as there was a coup d’état. The Minister of the Interior at the time had admitted that the murders are within the legal framework. We asked the Prosecutor’s Office of Tirana to be summoned and give explanations on these public statements.

We have a recording tape, where all the orders of the command, the fire group are described and it was ordered to open fire after Ndrea Prendi came out of the apparatus of the Council of Ministers, he said to be shot in the flesh. This fact led us to file a lawsuit in SPAK to have this matter investigated by them. It is a very sensitive issue”, said Aleks Nika’s uncle.

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