Marilu Henner heads off-Broadway with ‘Madwomen of the West…

Marilu & the ‘Madwomen’

Dec. 4 premieres Marilu Henner at W. 47th’s Actors Temple Theatre.

It’s a 100-minute comedy “Madwomen of the West” — Brentwood, party crasher, Champagne, temperament, birthday, opinions — all until Dec. 31.

Star of 1971’s original “Grease” with John Travolta, Marilu’s Chicago upbringing wasn’t usual.

Dance class in their backyard, beauty shop in mama’s kitchen, community theater at 15.

Her mom wouldn’t see “Grease” which “was raw, gritty, dark and I said the ‘F’ word seven times.”

Marilu’s knocked off three husbands (“You need vision, plus heat, plus someone you’re willing to aggravate”) and meat (“I only eat plant food”) plus multiple movies — the ones for Netflix “I term foreign films” — a club act, 408 performances doing Roxy in Broadway’s “Chicago” and Disney’s new “Haunted Mansion” film with Tiffany Haddish and Danny DeVito.

At least Marilu’s not boring.

Lots to watch this season

Want comedy?

Hunter Biden’s Christmas carol: From every mountainside let cash registers sing . . . Sean Hannity stars in and produced Christmas’ “Jingle Smells.” On something called Rumble. It’s garbage buddies set to destroy toys due to the maker’s patriotic views. The hero’s Santa Robin Hood . . . Animal? Saddle up to Amazon Prime doc “Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West.” Endangered horses riding into the sunset. Actress Diane Lane says they need our help . . . Patriotism? Off-Bway’s “Lone Star” partners with nonprofits to help vets.

Want family?

Dec. 2, David Lawrence hosts PBS’ program about parents Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé . . . Travel? Start in Vancouver. Three months. Orient Express, Malaysia, Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, France, 13 countries, four continents. $103,000.

See ya, Santos

Current indictee George Santos, bounced on his assets for fingers allegedly made of Elmer’s glue, can no longer raise funds for Botox. Or legal fees.

Under election rules you can’t raise funds unless you’re raising a campaign which in his case even dead voters don’t want.

The Ethics chairman plus Speaker of the House have discussed expulsion.

Odds and ends

Thoughts: Russia succeeding in Ukraine could join with China and Iran in World War III to eliminate America’s hegemony . . . GOPers pushing Haley who isn’t yet rising to history . . . Not thrown under the bus is Ben Carson. Trumpers plunk him onstage to show “blacks love him.” . . . “Progressive” Democrats and Socialists are our threat. Establishment Democrats and Republicans, despite shifting positions, have kept this nation greatest on Earth. There’s always been peaceful power transit after an election. 1860, Lincoln. First Republican ever. Opponent Breckinridge, charismatic, moderate, in his 40s, conceded gracefully . . . Israelis quietly shipping children here. Some parents stay. Some, not. But their kids, safely away, are being enrolled here in protected schools. 

We know the cost of living has exploded. Ask for $10 worth of Swiss cheese and they wrap up eight holes.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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