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HAMILTON, WAIKATO, NEW ZEALAND, November 18, 2023 / — Slater Coach Limited, a renowned boutique coaching firm, has announced the launch of an exclusive model for change: Slater’s Pathway to Change. This transformative framework redefines how change is managed and implemented in business coaching, offering a unique and accessible approach to personal and professional transformation.

At the core of coaching is change, and the success of both the coach and the client hinges on effective change management. Slater’s Pathway to Change, developed over decades by Brett Slater, a popular business coach with over 40 years of experience in the industry, addresses the complexities of change with a unique and practical 10-step model. Unlike traditional change models, this pathway stands out for its easy-to-understand language and visual representations of each stage.

Recognizing the gap in traditional change models, Brett Slater and his team have devised a model that covers the entire spectrum of change and integrates human emotions into the process. “Change isn’t just a business process; it’s a human journey,” says Brett Slater. The pathway reflects a fusion of business and human elements, acknowledging that business success and personal well-being are deeply intertwined.

The model consists of step-by-step stages, each representing a critical milestone in the change process:

1. Awaken (Introduction): Initiating change, setting the stage for dialogue and awareness.

2. Mist (Acknowledgment of Issue): Recognizing and understanding the need for change.

3. Dawn (Vision and Strategy): Developing a clear vision and strategy for implementing change.

4. Mindset (Contemplation and Inventory): Reflecting and assessing current practices and mindsets.

5. Heart (Participation and Support): Building motivation and determination to embrace change.

6. Stage (Preparation for Change): Equipping with the necessary tools and knowledge for change.

7. Grief (Emotional Transition): Managing the emotional aspects of transitioning through change.

8. Leap (Action and Implementation): Taking active steps and applying new behaviors and strategies.

9. Anchor (Reinforcement and Stability): Solidifying change to ensure a lasting impact.

10. Embrace (Maintenance and Integration): Fully integrating and celebrating the new changes.

11. Relapse (Cyclical Return to Mindset): Addressing setbacks and reinforcing commitment to change.

While primarily designed for business coaching, Slater’s Pathway to Change offers universal applicability. It simplifies the complex nature of change, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to navigate through life’s transitions.

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