Accusations of appeasement politics, forced migration are b…

Amin Kagzi, the sitting Congress MLA of Kishanpole, is hopeful of winning a second opportunity to serve the constituency. Speaking to TOI, he responded to the allegations of appeasement politics and forced migration. Excerpts from an interview:
You are seeking votes for a second inning for yourself. What is your poll pitch?
I am seeking people’s blessings purely on consideration of my work.I am happy with the restoration work done on the historic buildings, temples, and wayside dwellings that have brought back the old city’s original charm. It is perhaps the only constituency that lacks land for development work and new projects. However, a satellite hospital, a girl’s college, andMahatma Gandhi English Medium Schools have come up in the last five years with my efforts, and I continue to serve the people.
BJP accuses you of appeasement politics and ignoring forced migration.
I am not going to comment on baseless charges. People of various castes, communities and religions are migrating around the city in search of better places and better ways of life. My constituency’s land area was depleted decades ago. As a family’s income rises from low to medium or upper middle, it moves to larger and more spacious homes. My speeches in the state assembly are in the public domain. Everyone can see the issues I raised and how I allocated benefits without bias.
What is your vision for the constituency in the next five years if you win again?
Several projects are going on and several others are proposed that will together change the face of the entire walled city. A major project to ease traffic in the constituency will be implemented soon after our government is formed again. In addition to our social welfare programmes, the seven guarantees outlined by CM Ashok Gehlot will herald a new era in people’s lives. My goal is to help the people of my constituency, which is entirely within the city’s walls, serve as true ambassadors of Jaipur.
What is your most significant challenge?
The opposing party is going all out with its communal agenda. Look at their hateful statements. Congress candidates in Jaipur have collectively taken up the task of preserving Jaipur’s Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb (communal harmony).

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