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The True Lovefraud Stories podcast is available on all major podcast players.

Survivors who found themselves dating or married to antisocials, narcissists or psychopaths share their stories so others can learn the warning signs

The stories are emotional rollercoasters and cautionary tales — anyone who sees similar behavior by someone in their own lives should get out as fast as they can.”

— Donna Andersen

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2023 / — Charmed, manipulated, and then betrayed. In the new True Lovefraud Stories podcast, survivors who found themselves romantically involved with sociopaths — including narcissists, antisocials and psychopaths — tell what it’s really like. They describe the initial thrilling seduction, the eventual signs of relationship weirdness, and the heartbreaking brutal discard.

Initial episodes tell these shocking stories:
• A woman married a man who claimed to be a Navy SEAL — “claimed” is the operative word.
• A man tried to convince two girlfriends buy a Corvette with him —at the same time and using their money.
• One man was so stressed by his wife’s cheating that it contributed to his brain hemorrhage.
• A woman’s partner took out her jealous rage by attempting to kill their children — and succeeding with one of them.
• One woman found a way to exact a measure of revenge against her narcissistic boyfriend.
• A woman was so confused by her boyfriend’s conflicting behavior that she thought she was losing her mind.

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The True Lovefraud Stories podcast is produced and narrated by Donna Andersen, author of After her own marriage to a con man who took $227,000 from her, she launched Lovefraud in 2005. Andersen has now collected more than 10,000 stories from readers who tangled with exploiters and manipulators.

“I’m giving survivors a platform to share their experiences and reveal the warning signs that they missed,” she says. “My goal is to shine a light on the heartless behavior of the millions of sociopaths living among us. The stories are emotional rollercoasters and cautionary tales — anyone who sees similar behavior by someone in their own lives should get out as fast as they can.”

After each story, Andersen interviews an expert on an important topic raised in the episode:
• A psychiatrist describes how stress affects the brain.
• Another psychiatrist explains how to recover from profound betrayal.
• A private investigator explains why online background checks don’t work.
• A real former Navy SEAL reveals how to spot a fake one.
• A licensed professional counselor discusses depression — what it is, and how to overcome it.

True Lovefraud Stories is available on all major podcast platforms. Subscribers are also invited to Lovefraud Live, Andersen’s weekly streaming show in which she explains narcissists and sociopaths and answers listener questions.


About is a website that teaches people to recognize and recover from everyday sociopaths. The author is Donna Andersen, who launched in 2005 after her own marriage to a man who was later professionally diagnosed as a sociopath. He took $227,000 from her, cheated with at least six women during their 2.5-year relationship, had a child with one of them, and then married the mother of the child, committing bigamy for the second time. Andersen has helped millions of survivors; many say that Lovefraud saved their lives. Lovefraud also offers webinars for survivors and professionals, and produces the True Lovefraud Stories podcast.

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