Statuscast SOC 2 Type II Certification, Reinforcing Commitm…

Statuscast SOC 2 Type II

StatusCast Renews SOC 2 Type II Certification, Upholding Industry-Leading Standards for Security and Compliance Excellence.

Our continuous security audits, pen testing, and proactive stances against vulnerabilities ensure that StatusCast remains at the forefront of secure incident management solutions.”

— Eric Warth

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 18, 2023 / — In a world where security threats are continually evolving, leading Status Page and Incident Management provider, StatusCast, has once again demonstrated its commitment to the highest level of security. The company is proud to announce the successful completion of its latest SOC 2 Type II security audit. This rigorous examination further testifies to StatusCast’s dedication to ensuring the utmost data protection for organizations and their customers.

“At StatusCast, we believe that when it comes to safeguarding information about your enterprise and its users, compromise is not an option. Our product is not just a tool but a promise of reliability and trust,”

For businesses across the globe, the ability to communicate service availability and update incident information securely is paramount. Large-scale SaaS and Corporate IT departments rely on StatusCast’s private status pages, ensuring that only those who need to know about outages or scheduled maintenance events have access. The platform’s robust features such as Role-Based Access Control, Subscriber Filtering, and Audience Groups play a pivotal role in tailoring and restricting content access.

StatusCast’s commitment to security goes beyond just the product features. The renewal of our SOC 2 Type II certification serves as a testament to this commitment. The certification process is a rigorous and detailed audit that scrutinizes a company’s non-financial reporting controls related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system.

One of the standout features of the StatusCast platform is its innate security. The company implements industry-standard practices, ensuring enterprise-grade security for all its customers. From Single Sign-On (SSO) options compatible with top providers like Okta and Google SSO to features like IP Whitelisting and Subscriber Filtering, StatusCast provides layers of access control.

For businesses operating within the European Union, the challenges of data protection are even greater. StatusCast addresses these challenges head-on, complying with GDPR and giving organizations flexible options for choosing where their data is hosted.

“We recognize the increasing threats in the digital landscape. Our continuous security audits, pen testing, and proactive stances against vulnerabilities ensure that StatusCast remains at the forefront of secure incident management solutions,” Eric Warth, Vice President of Operations at Statuscast adds.

With the SOC 2 Type II certification in its arsenal, StatusCast solidifies its reputation as a trailblazer in the realm of secure status page and incident management solutions. For enterprises that prioritize security, StatusCast remains the obvious choice.

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About StatusCast:

StatusCast is a leading provider of status page and incident management solutions, helping businesses maintain transparency during incidents and ensuring that the right people have access to the right information. With a suite of robust features and an unwavering commitment to security, StatusCast continues to serve businesses worldwide with integrity and reliability.

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Statuscast is SOC 2 Type II Certified!

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