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An elite agent who can fly, an invincible former gangster bad with directions, and a quiet assassin with heightened senses — Disney+’s Moving shows a world where a chosen few have been endowed with superpowers.

But, it is markedly different from any superficial superhuman production — it is dedicatedly human. It shows a tale of complicated familial relationships, a tale of bravery and sacrifice, and of political corruption. Moving is one of the best television productions in its genre and you must not miss it.

Plot Pot

The drama starts with Kim Bong-seok, who, it is soon revealed, has the ability to fly. But, he has to constantly hide it, especially at his mother’s insistence. His mother feeds him extra bowls of rice and puts weights in his bag so that he does not float away and is always vigilant to not reveal more than usual. Cheerful and bubbly, Bong-seok is adored by his peers. One day, on his way to school, he meets Jang Hui-soo, a new transfer. The two soon develop a friendship. As the drama moves on, we learn their parents had known each other too.

As the series progresses, it also delves into the lives of Bong-seok and Hui-soo’s parents. We find out that they were once elite agents at a government organisation that sought to take advantage of their superpowers. Bong-seok’s father, Kim Doo-shik, was one of their most powerful agents. But, it all came crumbling down when their superpowers were exploited. The agents, who wanted to live a quiet life with their family and children, forfeited their positions. Moving interweaves multiple plots but with fine-tuned expertise where the audience is only left wanting more. This also makes it difficult to summarise it, but one thing is for sure, it is definitely worth watching.

Moving is packed with action that is grand but also meaningful. It does not have empty bombast but rather, makes use of the characters’ emotions. For example, one of the most meaningful “action” sequences of the drama is when Bong-seok finally tries to break free of his mother’s worries and tries to fly on his own. He stumbles, and wavers, but remains strong in his resolution to hone his skill. At other times, we see the backstories of the other characters and how they are intertwined. Moving is also brilliant, largely due to its extraordinary ensemble cast that breathes life into their roles.

The drama excels at exploring the many facets of human relationships, from the enduring love and sacrifice of parents to the complexities of romantic relationships. Above all, it explores deeply humanist values even in a world full of extraordinary powers. Moving is a K-drama quite unlike any other. It is not only unique as a K-drama plot but also brings in a thoughtfully articulated emotional aspect to a largely action-packed thriller drama. This makes its extraordinariness relatable.

Character we loved:

Kim Jung-ha as Kim Bong-seok:

The adorable Bong-seok has stolen our hearts from the very first scene. Kind, considerate, and ready to help, Bong-seok is one of the most unique superpowered protagonists.

Han Hyo-joo as Lee Mi-hyun:

Han Hyo-joo delivers a career-best performance as the sharp and resilient Mi-hyun. She is ready to do anything to protect her son. At the same time, Han also thoughtfully portrays her personal struggles with motherhood and her missing husband.

Ryu Seung-ryung as Jung Ju-won:

A monster who cries and is bad with directions — Ryu’s Jung Ju-won is a compassionate character, endowed with a power that makes him almost invincible but does not take away his humanity. Always ready to help his friends and protect his daughter, he is one of the most memorable characters of the series.

Kim Sung-kyun as Lee Jae-man:

Another character from the parent squad, Jae-man is superhumanly strong, but also extraordinarily gentle. All he wants to do is protect and keep his son, Kang-hoon, safe and it is heartwarming to see the relationship between the father-son duo evolve.

Strong Girl Do Bong-soon

The Uncanny Counter

Genre: Action, thrillerWhere to Watch: Disney+

You Will Like It If You Like:

Action sequences

Romance amidst adversity

Superpowered characters

Thoughtful portrayal of parent-children relationships

t2 Rating: 4.5/5

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