making waves as a sports anchor 

Sports journalist and TV host Fariha Farrukh says that Pakistani media has made a lot of headway over the last few years with work places providing more opportunities to women and implementing policies around equality and fairness. 

The TV host said that there is still a long way to go but the progress made so far is commendable. 

Fariha Farrukh made her name when she started hosting a show on a mainstream TV channel. She interviewed some famous politicians as well as other notables from various fields.

She next ventured as a social media manager with the youth and sports department of the government of Punjab. She also covered the Asian Rugby matches held in Lahore. The Asia Rugby comprises 37 sports federations. She also started a YouTube show based on cricket World Cup and gained nationwide appreciation for her crispy interviews and commentaries, that were quoted in Indian media as well.

She is now set to return to the TV screen with her own brand-new show, where she will host a federal minister to discuss current affairs and global issues along with the infotainment tinge. Her return to the mainstream TV screens marks a new beginning for her. 

In an interview with DailyPakistan, Fariha Farrukh shared that she never feels complacent at only raising the marginalized voices to attention but endeavours to make it an attainment symbol and inspiration for others to follow.

Having studied Masters in Political science and minors in journalism, Fariha Farrukh’s exceptional journalistic skills and determination could enable her to stand out amongst the contemporaries. She mentioned that she was born for media and since childhood she was into debates and media competitions. She represented her institutions at various debating competitions and won accolades. 

She was further appointed as the goodwill ambassador by the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and will be representing in the summit to be held in Dubai in December.

She highlighted that in the early stages, she had to prove her formidable presence demanding strength as journalist as well as a resilient woman from Pakistan.

She said: “I believe in elevating marginalized voices, questioning absurd societal norms and serves as an inspiration for positive transformation. I believe in steadfast dedication to truth and commitment to humanity and establish myself as a vital influencer in shaping global discussions.”

Fariha Farrukh sees her courage and determination serving as motivation for those who are aspiring to contribute to fostering a more equitable world. Her challenging stereotypes within the context of Pakistan are truly noteworthy.

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