Letters: Rising to challenges, from guns to climate change

Changing the weather

I’m disheartened by the Sept. 4 cover story, “Cruel summer.” It suggests that the evil of global warming lies in “putting long-term economic growth in peril.”

There seems to be deep concern for insurance companies whose response to unexpected fire and flood claims is to stop selling high-risk insurance, transferring the damage to folks who lose homes. The story highlights a company that “aims to transform … capital markets to reduce the economic risks of the climate crisis.” It suggests that global capitalism may pressure modern economies to become “carbon neutral,” while in fact, global capitalism is the modern economy.

Will the fox that raided the henhouse last night become today’s vegetarian guard dog? Pardon my doubt. And can money measure anything when all things are in mortal peril? The article’s most discouraging thought is from a quote in its last lines: “‘I try to just humble myself, get through it, because we’re not God. … We can’t change the weather.’”

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