Dolly Parton Is Making A Broadway Musical About Her Life: “…

It never hurts to have a little bit more Dolly Parton, and it looks like that’s exactly what we’re getting in the form of a Broadway musical.

Off the heels of her new album Rockstar, which brought together rock and roll’s most prominent names on a project full of rocking covers, Dolly is looking to transform her life story into a musical. I’m sure everyone would understand Parton if she wanted to take a break, but she simply doesn’t have time to slow down.

Dolly was already a rockstar, and releasing a cover album of the same name undoubtedly solidifies that status. Parton has always worn a lot of hats in her career (literally and figuratively), and now she looks to add “Broadway” to her illustrious resume.

When speaking with USA Today about her new album, she was asked if she had anything coming up on the horizon after the fact, and of course, Dolly did:

“I’m tackling one right now. I’m doing my life story as a Broadway musical. I’ve written the music and am recording it now.

The script is done, so it’s more about the music and starting to cast. So my next big album will probably be my cast album.

I don’t have any plans to record any other music, but I’m doing some songs for several country artists. I did another song with Zach Williams and maybe I’ll get to work with some rockers and do some rock songs on their albums.”

How about that?

And as for when fans can expect to rush to Broadway in New York City to take in Dolly’s new musical, we’ll have to wait a while to see her life play out on the stage. If we know anything about Dolly, it’s that if she’s going to do something, she’s going to do it right.

Parton continued:

“We’re hoping to have it onstage in 2025. I’ve been working on it forever. It’s not a jukebox musical, it’s a true story. It’s a big production and a lot of original songs.

Of course it will have the hit songs and the stories leading up to those things. I had at one time planned to do a biopic but then everybody was doing one so I thought nah, I’m going Broadway. So I’m hoping we make it.”

I’ll speak for everyone and say we hope you make it too, Dolly. Just let us know when it’s ready, and where we can send our money to get tickets…

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