White House blasts Elon Musk for antisemitic post. IBM susp…

There’s no longer a question of whether billionaire Elon Musk is an antisemite. No matter what hapless X (formerly Twitter) CEO Linda Yaccarino or Musk’s other underlings say, the case has been proven. And it was proven again on Wednesday, when Musk endorsed a post that blamed “Jewish communities” for pushing “dialectical hatred against whites.” It also referred to the white supremacist conspiracy theory that “western Jewish populations” are behind the “flooding” of countries with “hordes of minorities.”

“You have said the actual truth,” Musk publicly replied.

The false notion that powerful Jewish elites are behind mass-migration patterns, somehow encouraging or facilitating the transfer of migrants so as to overwhelm “white” nations with anti-white foreign “hordes,” is the most antisemitic version of the “great replacement theory.” It is neo-Nazi drivel, the same “Jews control the world” conspiracy used by Nazis to justify the Holocaust and by domestic terrorists who target Jewish Americans in this country.

On Friday, the White House itself blasted Musk’s post.

It is unacceptable to repeat the hideous lie behind the most fatal act of Antisemitism in American history at any time, let alone one month after the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Like President Biden said weeks ago memorializing the victims of the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, the October 7 “devastating atrocity has brought to the service painful memories left by millennia of Antisemitism;” and under his presidency “we will continue to condemn Antisemitism at every turn.” We condemn this abhorrent promotion of Antisemitic and racist hate in the strongest terms, which runs against our core values as Americans. We all have a responsibility to bring people together against hate, and an obligation to speak out against anyone who attacks the dignity of their fellow Americans and compromises the safety of our communities.

It’s arguably the most overt expression of Musk’s antisemitism to date. And it comes as X becomes such a home for neo-Nazi extremism that advertisements from Apple, IBM, and other major companies often run beside posts praising Adolf Hitler and Nazism and advocating Holocaust denial.

IBM was the first to respond to Media Matters for America’s proof that the Fortune 500 company’s ads were being paired with pro-Nazi content. In a statement, IBM said that it “immediately suspended all advertising on X while we investigate this entirely unacceptable situation.”

That’s more than Apple or other top brands have done so far, but at this point, any major brand still advertising on X knows what they’re paying into. It still suggests IBM, which “suspended” about $1 million in advertising planned for the year’s fourth quarter, thinks an association with pro-Nazi conspiracy theories is something they can navigate without abandoning the platform completely.

The truth is, Musk regularly protects and elevates white nationalists and far-right conspiracy accounts, even selecting them for the site’s nascent and vaguely premised “revenue sharing” program. And while Yaccarino vigorously lies about X’s efforts to protect advertisers, Musk is spearheading this influx of hate speech.

If IBM, Apple, and other advertisers don’t want to advertise alongside bigotry, they’re going to have to go elsewhere. Musk has no plausible deniability here—and neither do the companies still propping up his antisemitism.


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