Public warned against fake National Television Facebook pag…

The General Department of National Television of Cambodia of the Ministry of Information has warned citizens about a fake Facebook page, masquerading as the real page of TVK.

The Ministry states that would like to inform the public that the Facebook Page named “TVK National Television of Cambodia-TV- (Real News)” is a fake Facebook Page that anonymous people have made with bad intentions, leading to confusion in the national media.

Please be informed that the official Facebook Page of the General Department of National Television of Cambodia is called “National Television of Cambodia TVK-TVK”.

TVK is not responsible for posting any pictures, videos or content on the Facebook page “TVK TVK – Real News”.

The professional staff of TVK is cooperating with the technical officers against technology crime to monitor and solve this problem.

The Ministry states that the anonymous person who falsified the Facebook Page named “TVK TVK – Real News” will be held accountable before the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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