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300,000 gathered

Instead of what should have been the lead front page story this morning, the more than 300,000 that gathered on the National Mall in support of Israel, we get an AP story hyping more climate change scare propaganda.

Whom to honor

In addition to honoring the Stewart family for their donations to the museum, the City Council should honor the hundreds of workers for nonprofits, those people that work for salaries much less than what they could get working for other places and for fewer benefits and for working long hours to help people that otherwise would not have the lives that they do have.

Global warming

Global warming is part of a cause and effect relationship, warming being the effect. If we want to be truthful as to the cause, we must look at the worldwide population of humans. No simple solution here. The USA is 5% of this population. Will our 5% share of warming reduction be enough to save our planet? Nope.

Funds for rec center

If the city had saved $15 per month from the additional taxes they collected from the (25,000) people that moved to Longmont since the last rec center was built, they would have over $72 (million) right now to build the needed rec center. We’re paying over ($300,000) for the city manager to theoretically navigate the long-term interest of our community, and our current City Council’s solution is to tax us more. Maybe we should reimagine the meaning and purpose of what true sustainability means for our city.

Council audio

The City Council’s TV meeting (Tuesday) night had terrible audio. I’m hoping they can add some quality next meeting.

Trash, recyclables

Here’s a thought on waste and recycling: Pick up lawn leavings and recyclables for free, and charge double for trash pickup. You will see the landfill reduced by well over half. We don’t want to pay for trash, compost and Eco-cycle if we only use one or two of these just a few times a year.


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