Do We Have A Scandal Brewing? Fox Sports’ Charissa Thompson…

Hey, you know what they say … “fake it till you make it.”

They might not teach that in journalism school, but that’s exactly what Fox Sports’ Charissa Thompson admitted to doing on live television as she rose to fame.

It’s a tough job to be a sideline reporter, hell, it’s tough enough to be a sports blogger like yours truly, but with a sports reporter, it’s a lot harder — they have to get a ton of information from both coaches and players who normally don’t like giving up too much, and they then relay that limited data in a report when it’s their time to shine on TV. (RELATED: Uh Oh! Taylor Swift Fans Angrily Dig Up Some Old Scandalous Tweets By Travis Kelce And They’re A Doozy)

But Thompson, she’s got a trick to get around the non-cooperative interviewees: Make things up.

The Fox Sports star recently made an appearance on “Pardon My Take” with Barstool Sports’ Dan Katz and PFT Commenter, and while speaking, she admitted that she completely made things up when she had nothing to report.


Here’s what Amazon — where Thompson works doing “Thursday Night Football” — had to say on the matter:

I gotta respect Charissa for keepin’ it G and doing what she had to do to get to the top — gold!

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