The White House and the unclean bill | Letters to the Edito…

Here we go again. Congress has to hurry to pass a short-term spending bill to keep the government open beyond Sept. 30 as current funding runs out. Biden and the Democrats say they want to keep the bill “clean.” In political language, this means to extend current funding without any new surprise provisions. If you read this “clean” bill, you will learn this is not true. On page 51 of the White House proposal, it would literally change ICE. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) protects our country from terrorists, drug traffickers, criminals and other people who try to enter our country illegally. They enforce the laws that keep American citizens safe. We have a Fentanyl crisis due to drug trafficking on the southern border, which has killed many Americans. As of July 2023, 160 migrants identified as terrorists have been apprehended at the border. Last year 100 terrorists were also apprehended. So ICE has been important to police and protect our safety.

Returning to page 51 of the White House “clean” budget proposal, ICE funding would be redirected to fund “community-based residential facilities” and other services to support migrants through awarding contracts to NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Thus ICE would not be for law enforcement but an agency to provide comfort to the migrants and help fund hotels, etc. in sanctuary cities. These funds would also be used to fly migrants to a city near you. ICE funds had been used to fly criminal migrants out of the country. These “resettlement” funds would add up to $104.6 million. The White House had hoped this number would be lost in the pages and overlooked.

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