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Kristy Hambrick, Owner


Lavande is a place to learn, develop, transform and connect.”

— Kristy Hambrick

LA JOLLA, CA, USA , September 21, 2023 / — Opened on September 18th, 2020, Lavande Spiritual Wellness emerged as a place of transformation and community for anyone desiring deep connection. Owner Krystia Rae wanted to create a beautiful space that when you walk in you immediately sense feelings of love, peace and connection. Her vision would become Lavande— a wellness center offering healing services such as reiki and Prana, tarot readings, community workshops, and spiritual adventures around the world.

Lavande Spiritual Wellness offers a space filled with opportunities and experiences for people to flourish in their own skills and gifts, their own awarenesses and reflections, and through this they are able to live out their life’s purpose and soul mission. We believe that part of our purpose as a human is to share our unique gifts with others. Lavande provides tools, ideas and experiences not only for us to remember how unique and special we are but also to awaken the hidden gifts and passions that lie dormant inside of us until we take the time to go within and allow them to emerge. We offer a wide range of workshops, events, and private healing sessions centered around connection, healing and transformation. When we express our gifts, talents and authenticity from a heart centered place, we experience more joy, pleasure and satisfaction in our lives.

Reiki and Prana sessions are gentle yet powerful energy healing modalities that provide profound healing on all levels: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We also offer Tarot and Intuitive readings to help guide our clients towards their best direction for healing and transformation.

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A Message From The Owner of Lavande

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