EA Sports FC 24 Makes a Big Move in Its Ultimate Team Mode,…

The partnership between FIFA and EA ended after 30 years. And following this, EA Sports launched a newly branded game that continued the franchise, titled ‘EA Sports FC 24’. While the name is different, it continues to offer the same content fans have loved over the years.

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Every installment has brought something new to the table. Whether it means an update in the game modes or the game engine as FIFA 17 did, EA Sports was never short of content. And with this year’s game, developers have brought in something new to the drawing board for Ultimate Team with the way you pick players.

EA Sports FC 24 lets players combine the men’s and women’s teams


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The latest look at EA Sports FC 24 shows that Ultimate Team will see combinations of players from the men’s as well as the women’s teams. Once streamers and content creators got access as part of the EA Creator Network program, fans quickly realized the benefits the feature would bring.

To begin with, the biggest benefit this brings is in terms of team rating. In a few instances, players would see a specific spot on their team that had a player with a low rating, one they could not fit in their team. With the ability to use players from the women’s team, that problem should be minimized to some extent.

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The other problem it solves is chemistry. Now, before FIFA 23, this was not an issue. Chemistry was determined by who the player was next to. These links played a big role in determining the way each player would perform. However, with FIFA 23, this changed. The new system did not use these links but just depended on being from the same club, the same league, or the same country.

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With this addition, getting chemistry should become much easier for players. In its entirety, FC 24 gameplay could be a big upgrade, in terms of the quality of team you have. It seems like a new era is coming for the football game.

A new era for the franchise


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Developments made inside the game are not the only thing making changes to the franchise. Since it is dependent on real-life events such as transfers, there will be a big change in terms of how people play the game. Most prominently, leagues that may not have been played as much in previous games could see a lot of playtime, such as the Saudi League as well as the MLS. With big names in the game such as Ronaldo and Messi moving to these leagues respectively, there is a lot of potential.

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Apart from this, simply the change in the game’s name is a big step for its future. The game has always been known as FIFA, for over a decade now. A move to FC 24 almost sounds unnatural to some players. It definitely needs some getting used to, especially for veterans of the game.


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Despite this, there are positive signs for fans. These fans stay hopeful about the way EA will roll out the game on September 29th. With little over a week left, fans cannot wait to get their hands on a copy of FC 24.

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