No change in policy towards Taliban administration: White H…

John Kirby, the White House Security Council spokesperson, emphasized that the Taliban administration failed to fulfil its commitments and drifted further away from international legitimacy with each passing day.

Mr. Kirby reaffirmed on Monday, during a press briefing at the White House, that America’s policies towards the de facto administration have not changed.

The White House Security Council spokesperson made these statements in response to a question from one of the reporters.

America has once again made it clear that, in this situation, Washington has no intention of recognizing the Taliban regime officially.

He reiterated once again that the United States had oversight over all terrorist groups in Afghanistan and, regarding the presence of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, added, “It has certainly become very, very weak and does not seem likely to return to Afghanistan.”

Kirby stated that the Taliban administration is acting contrary to its promises regarding governance and the treatment of women and girls in Afghanistan. Hence, the United States does not intend to officially recognize the de facto administration.

According to the White House Security Council official, the Taliban has failed to fulfil its commitments and taken a path contrary to them.

This comes as no country has officially recognized the current interim government two years after its return to power.

On the other hand, the Taliban has accused the United States of seeking excuses not to recognize it officially while emphasizing their commitment to fulfilling their obligations.

Meanwhile, following the resurgence of the Taliban, the international community swiftly imposed sanctions, effectively freezing Afghanistan’s assets. This punitive measure exacerbated the country’s isolation and plunged it into a dire humanitarian crisis.

Additionally, the international community consistently called upon the interim administration to lift all restrictions, including the ban on women’s rights to education and employment. Despite these appeals, the Taliban have maintained and intensified their oppressive policies, imposing even stricter limitations on women’s participation in social life.

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