Cinemadison to bring critically acclaimed short film back t…

Cinemadison, the University of Wisconsin’s award-winning student film association, will premiere their work on campus for the first time at the Marquee Theatre on Sept. 19 at 8:30 p.m.

The showing will include Cinemadison’s internationally acclaimed short film “Faces of the Void” alongside their films “Fragments,” “The Helper” and their collaboration with DePaul University film students, “Saint Abby.”

Open to all students interested in any aspect of production, Cinemadison is UW’s Registered Student Organization dedicated to filming. It provides students a platform to write, shoot and publish films.

Cinemadison’s Head of Outreach Indu Konduru said the club welcomes students of all backgrounds.

“We actually don’t have many film majors in the club, it’s mostly STEM majors with a passion for filmmaking,” Konduru said. “I had absolutely zero experience coming into the club, but now I’ve had the opportunity to make a film, which anyone would be grateful for.”

Konduru’s short film “The Helper” will debut at the event. Written at the crossroads of self-help, addiction and consumerism, Konduru examines an exploitative industry.

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Konduru said her film questions the effectiveness of self-help content.

“On one side [self-help consumers] know, hey, this probably isn’t really helping me,” Konduru said. “But on the other side, they’re like, what if I read one more book or attend one more conference? Will I find the thing that finally clicks with me? I think it’s an interesting mindset to explore.”

The critically acclaimed “Faces of the Void” — a 2022 film examining the life of an online hacker through his changing relationship with an elderly woman he attempts to scam — will also make its Madison debut Sept. 19. It has been shown throughout the U.S., India, South Africa and Russia.

“Faces of the Void” won Jury’s Choice at the Tigra Film Festival and a nomination for best first-time director at the Black Panther International Film Festival. It was also a semifinalist for best drama at the Student World Impact Film Festival, a massive event with around 20,000 submissions a year.

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These accolades are a testament to the time and careful work Cinemadison put into the production of their films.

Konduru believes Cinemadison’s open-mindedness gives the club an edge against other student film projects.

“There are a lot of people out there who have a passion for the visual arts, but cannot attend film school or don’t think they have the resources for filming,” Konduru said. “We want those people to get an opportunity to participate.”

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