White House proves elusive for Florida politicians – The Fa…

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis photo courtesy intercept.com

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is gearing up for the presidential election taking place in 2024. Many are worried and some are hopeful regarding DeSantis’ chances. According to the polls, the odds that DeSantis will win the Republican nomination are slim and not improving.

This is in keeping with how other politicians from Florida have fared when they venture out onto the national stage.

Jeb Bush and Reubin Askew are two former Florida governors to run for their party’s nomination without success. Only 17 presidents were state governors, with none coming out of Florida. Running for a party’s nomination as a governor can be an asset and looked at as an advantage for the presidential race, but Florida’s lack of influence should be examined.

Saladin M. Ambar, a Lehigh University political scientist, says that policies done on the state level may not translate well to the national level.

“Sometimes, that familiarity can breed a form of overconfidence and a lack of due diligence that leads to overreaching in Washington,” Ambar said.

DeSantis and Bush have both been criticized for their legislation in Florida, which could cause voters across the country to pause when they consider  giving their support to the Republican governors. DeSantis’ recent HB999 bill and Bush’s lack of proactiveness during the presidential campaign did not translate well with the public.

Florida’s politicians have been held in low regard compared to other states and have not been successful in producing a president or even having a president born in the Sunshine State.

Florida is known as a disorganized state politically and socially. According to John Gunther, a writer and journalist, Florida cannot be compared to any state.

“Freakishness in everything from architecture to social behavior is unmatched in any American state,” Gunther said.

Florida’s political policies have overshadowed the state’s reputation in regard to LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, gun control and education. Apprehension, distaste, and judgment are key themes when examining the failure of Florida politicians on a national stage.

Sandra Nelson, a business owner and preschool teacher, was disappointed on how DeSantis handled COVID-19 and is concerned about recent legislation supported by DeSantis.

“I was deeply disappointed in how our government handled the crises,” Nelson said. “As a schoolteacher who sees DeSantis’ recent bill and reformation on education, I am turned off by him and want no parts of him as a president.”

DeSantis is up against a lot. The odds are against him, and Florida’s history of politicians and controversial governmental policies appears to be working against him.

Florida’s recent legislation, current crime numbers and social dynamics have yet to open the doors to the White House.

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