Decarbonise the planet, are they mad?

The lunatic scheme to sequestrate carbon dioxide (CO2) several kilometres underground has been initiated by government programs, including Australia, with taxpayer money. It is called Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). The purpose is to make sure that carbon dioxide injected into deep wells is permanently stored underground, well away from the biosphere where plants might utilise it to make food.

‘The world’s biggest carbon capture facility is being built in Texas.’ The author of this article writes:

‘The plant will inject 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the ground each year – but is it just greenwashing from big oil? … the world’s largest project yet to remove excess carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, a quest that has been lauded as essential to help avert climate catastrophe.’

The lie that sits beneath the climate change movement is that there is excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Who says, and by what definition? There is no climate catastrophe – some have even called the ideology a total fraud. But there is plenty of money to be made and so Big Oil backs these schemes to suck the life out of the planet.

How deluded do you need to be? Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It’s plant food. It is essential to life, all life, yeah, except for maybe some deep sea worms, and anaerobic bacteria.

There are four essential ingredients for green plants to grow and produce oxygen and sugars. The sugars are the food for animals and humans. The sugars in grasses are what the herbivores (animals like cows and sheep) convert into protein, which we need as a species to survive. Those four essential ingredients are sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and minerals, especially magnesium. Sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water – atmospheric molecules – are all demonised as greenhouse gases causing global warming. In addition nitrogen, another atmospheric molecule, an essential plant fertiliser, is also considered pollution.

Carbon dioxide is taken into green plants and through a chemical process called the Calvin cycle converted into sugars (glucose) in a biomolecular factory using the ATP energy molecule. Six turns of the Calvin cycle, 18 ATPs and 12 NADPH molecules are used to make one glucose molecule.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is an energy-carrying molecule known as ‘the energy currency of life’ or ‘the fuel of life’, because it’s the universal energy source for all living cells. Every living organism has cells that contain thousands of ATP-producing rotary motors supplying the energy of the cell. The rotary motor is proton-powered. Where does the cell get protons from to make these motors? From water (H2O), which is also demonised as a greenhouse gas.

The poison cyanide prevents cells from utilising oxygen and thus the cell mitochondria (nucleus) can’t produce the energy carrier ATP and without ATP all life dies.

Plants operate under two different conditions. With sunlight and without sunlight. Under sunlight, carbon dioxide (CO2) is absorbed and net oxygen (O2) is produced. Water (H2O) is required at this stage. Under these conditions, photosynthesis results in energy being transferred to ATP using the photons from sunlight.

Sunlight is required to activate molecules in green leafy plants. The colour of the plant determines the wavelengths absorbed. The reflected light is more green than red or blue. That is why most plants are green. A single photon of absorbed sunlight is used to drive the thermodynamically uphill process of converting adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to ATP. Without ATP all life dies.

While there is no sunlight ATP is consumed by the plant to keep it alive. During that time (usually at night) the plant consumes oxygen and outputs carbon dioxide.

All green life is essential to our existence and green life depends strongly on carbon dioxide, oxygen and water, along with certain minerals. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are used in artificial fertilizers, are also needed.

However, magnesium is one of the essential ones, which should come from the crust of the planet. It is worth considering here.

‘Magnesium is the powerhouse behind photosynthesis in plants. Without magnesium, chlorophyll [the green colour in cells] cannot capture sun (sic) energy needed for photosynthesis. In short, magnesium is required to give leaves their green colour. Magnesium in plants is located in the enzymes, in the heart of the chlorophyll molecule. Magnesium is also used by plants for the metabolism of carbohydrates and in the cell membrane stabilisation.’

So without magnesium, there is no photosynthesis, and hence no ATP and no sugars for food. But also no oxygen is produced.

Due to industrial farming methods (non-organic) the minerals are not being taken up by the plants (because of a lack of soil microbes) and the farmers need to buy artificial fertilisers. But these fertilisers depend heavily on natural gas to produce the nitrous oxide (NOx), i.e. nitrogen-bearing molecules. And the global warming lunatics want to shut down all natural gas production and hence fertiliser production. We already saw what happened in the Netherlands, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

All the input molecules mentioned above are targets for the climate change cult. But that is not enough – they want to also shut down sunlight. Programs are already underway to block out sunlight using upper atmospheric aerosol injection techniques. These include dumping millions of tonnes of toxic chemicals like Barium, Strontium, Aluminium, etc into the upper atmosphere with tanker aircraft. It is called geoengineering.

What I have written here is basic high-school biology with a little quantum physics thrown in. But in this Woke idiocracy, world knowledge is also destroyed. Shut down all the inputs to photosynthesis and you also shut down all oxygen and sugar production. With neither of these, you get a mass extinction event. If the lunatics succeed what follows will make the extinction of the dinosaurs a footnote.

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