Amit Shah slams vote-bank politics on Telangana Liberation …

HYDERABAD: Union home minister Amit Shah told a packed Parade Grounds on Sunday that poll-bound Telangana would turn its back on “those who ignore the region’s history”, alluding to CM K Chandrashekar Rao’s BRS allegedly trying to dilute the contribution of the armed forces and the role played by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the “liberation” of the erstwhile princely state of Hyderabad in 1948.
Without naming BRS, Congress or AIMIM, he said the decision to mark September 17 as the day of the Telangana region’s “integration” instead of “liberation” was guided by “vote bank and appeasement politics”.
BJP commemorated the entry of Indian forces into the erstwhile princely state in 1948 and its merger with the Indian Union as Telangana Liberation Day, while the state government celebrated it as National Integration Day.
The home minister, who received a guard of honour from central security forces, said, “The independence of the erstwhile Hyderabad state from the Nizam and merger with India (including the Telangana region, parts of Bidar in Karnataka, and Marathwada in Maharashtra) would have been delayed had it not been for India’s first home minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, and KM Munshi.”
Shah said it was ironical that it took 75 years for this milestone in the region’s history to be celebrated as liberation day, “and yet some people are still trying to suppress facts”.
Invoking “Operation Polo”, he told the crowd, “The people of Hyderabad state faced hell after India gained independence in the Nizam-era. The pain caused to them has no parallel in world history. For 399 days, the entire region was on the boil. The tipping point was an incident in Parakal, where many were injured by the Nizam’s forces, and many died.”
The home minister likened “Hyderabad under the Nizam” to “a cancer” that India needed to treat. “Sardar Patel provided that treatment through Operation Polo and Hyderabad was merged into India without bloodshed as the Nizam surrendered before the Indian Army,” he said.
Shah said it was important to tell the new generation the story of the “liberation struggle” as it happened. “Instill patriotism in the younger generation. The saga of the martyrs and how many lives were sacrificed is unknown to them. This mistake of not celebrating September 17 as liberation day was corrected by Prime Minister Narendra Modi by observing it officially after so many years.”
He said the country was making rapid progress under PM’s leadership. “India has become only the fourth country to reach the Moon, G20 nations have become G21, and India is now the world’s fifth largest economy,” he said.

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